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Birth control

After you have given birth you can start thinking about birth control. Every woman’s body is different and has different needs and wishes concerning birth control. That is why it is good to discus which forms of birth control/contraception there are and which one fits you best. We talk about this at the end of your maternity period and during the 6 week follow-up consultation after your delivery. For the different kinds of birth control and how they work, you can click here. Click here for information in many languages. 

Have you already thought about birth control and do you want an IUD? At EVA van Hoorn we can place/insert your IUD.


During the birth control consultation we discuss which forms of birth control there are and what may suit you/and your partner the best. By combining your wishes, and possibly medical indications, you can make a wel informed choice. 

If you have been under the care of our midwives during pregnancy, then this consultation falls within our care. The consult will take place 6 weeks after you have given birth during the follow-up consultation. 

Are you not familiar with us or do you want this consult without having had a pregnancy, then you can also schedule a consult with us. You can call us at 0229-217019 to make an appointment. We will reserve 30 minutes for a consult with you. See below for the rates.