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Do you have a positive pregnancy test? Then you can register at our practice! We will contact you as soon as possible to schedule a first consultation and the first ultrasound around 8 weeks. You will be assigned to your own team of midwives. At Eva van Hoorn there are two teams: red and blue. We have these two teams to deliver more personal care for you. With smaller teams, every midwife knows you better. During your pregnancy you get to know your own team of midwives better and we get to know you. Do you prefer a team? You can always tell us. Both teams work throughout the whole work area.

Your first

For the first consultation we like to take our time, so we can get to know you. We would like to know how it is for you to be pregnant and there is room to ask all the question you might have. In order to guide your pregnancy as well as possible, we need medical data from you, your partner and your family. In this first consultation we also discuss what your wishes and needs are for the rest of your pregnancy. Next to this we provide you with information about prenatal testing, ultrasounds during your pregnancy, blood tests, and what you can expect from us. During your whole pregnancy on average you have about 14 consultations with us. During these check-ups we answer your questions, give you information about health- and lifestyle, and we give you tips to prevent or reduce any complaints during your pregnancy. We also check your blood pressure, physical condition and the growth and position of the baby. As the pregnancy progresses, we see you more often, in the last month even every week. Do you think it’s too long before your next appointment or are you worried? Call us and we will schedule an appointment with you sooner. Do you need extra care in addition to our obstetric care? Such as a coach, psychologist, dietician or lactation consultant? That is also possible. We have a number of partners that we work with and who are at your disposal if needed or desired.
Do you have questions? Then of course you can always call us. Each team has its own mobile number that is available day and night for deliveries, concerns or urgent questions. Every team also has an email address and we use Whatsapp where you can send a message to. Don’t do this if you have something urgent! Then please call us, that is always faster. Contact information

Prenatal screening for Down’s, Edwards’ and Patau’s syndromes

You can have a test (screening) into whether you are possibly pregnant with a child with down, edwards, or patau syndrome. This examination is early in the pregnancy. During your first visit, your obstetric care provider will ask if you would like to know more about screening for Down, Edwards and Patau syndrome.

Ultrasounds during pregnancy

At Eva van Hoorn you can have all the ultrasounds that are necessary during your pregnancy. If you want an extra ultrasound or in need for an additional medical ultrasound you can contact our ultrasound technicians.


You need a few things at home for a good delivery and maternity period. Whether you’re giving birth at home or in the hospital, it is advisable to have the following things in order at 37 weeks of pregnancy:
  • Your bed should have a height of about 70 cm during the delivery and maternity period. For this you can rent klossen (bed raisers) from the 36th week at medipoint.nl or www.duxxie.nl.
  • Have a bag ready for the hospital from 36 weeks
  • Click here for a list of supplies for your child
At Eva van Hoorn we have our own (free) information evening about childbirth. This is given by your own midwife. These are pleasant and informative evenings in which we also take a tour of the Dijklander Hospital to view a delivery room.


Next to reading folders and other information about you pregnancy, you will also start to prepare for the coming of your new born in this period. You will visit baby stores to see what you need and probably order some things online. All really fun things! But what else should you think about? Kraamzorg is the maternity care that a specialized maternity nurse provides in the first week after your delivery. Kraamzorg is very important for your baby’s health and your own health. Eva van Hoorn has her own kraamverzorgenden! Click here for more information about kraamzorg.  Acknowledgement: If you are not married it is important that you acknowledge your child before birth. The father or co-parenting mother must first acknowledge the child in order for them to become the child’s legal parent. You can do this at the municipality in Hoorn. Make an online appointment to do so. Courses: Also consider a pregnancy course as preparation for childbirth. There are so many! Click here for all possibilities in this region and see what suits you. Maternity package: This contains items that are needed for the delivery and for after you have given birth. Check with your health insurance company whether you are entitled to a maternity package, if not, you can buy a maternity package yourself. Whooping cough vaccination (the 22 week vaccination):Did you know that babies are not protected against whooping cough in the first months? And that whooping cough can be very serious for babies? With a vaccination during your pregnancy you can protect your child against whooping cough right from their birth. Click here for more information about the whooping cough vaccination.

What if things go different?

Unfortunately not every pregnancy goes well… In this period we are also there for you. If you have blood loss or an ultrasound shows that it is not right, you will receive the correct information from us. We look at what your needs are and what we can do for you. You are not alone! Even if the pregnancy was not planned at all or unwanted. Let us know and we’ll help you clarify and determine the next step.
During pregnancy you receive information through many different channels. Social media, various websites and of course your grandmother, mother, sister or friends. It is sometimes difficult to find the right information! If in doubt, ask us your questions. But if you would like to read online, we would like to refer you to the following website: www.zanzu.nl. This website has reliable information.