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Giving birth

When do you
call the


The moment has finally come, you are in labor. A very special moment that your baby will soon be born, but this is of course also very exciting. When do you call your midwife? For us it is important that you know: during labor you can call us at any time.

There are also other moments when we want you to call us:

  • With regular contractions, 4-5 minutes apart with a duration of a minute.
  • When your water breaks:
    if it has a yellow/green color
    if your baby has not yet descended into the pelvis
  • Excessive blood loss
  • If you are worried about anything

Informational video (in Dutch)

In this video Elze en Susanne, midwives at Eva van Hoorn, take you along in the proces of giving birth. They talk about everything from the locations where you can give birth, to your maternity period.

Where do you want to give birth?

Do you already know if you want if you want to give birth at home or in the hospital? Sometimes this is a clear choice and at other times it can be quite difficult to decide. You can also wait with making the choice till you are in labor. For us it is important that you choose a place where you are at your most comfortable, because that is a very important condition during labor! Your midwife will guide you during your labor whether this is at home or in Dijklander Hospital if you wish to give birth there. We try to keep your wishes into consideration as much as possible. Sometimes complications arise during your pregnancy or childbirth, creating a medical reason to give birth in the hospital under the supervision of the clinical obstetrician/gynaecologist. Due to our close contact and cooperation with Dijklander Hospital, there will then be a smooth transfer if necessary.

What do you take with you to the hospital?

After 36 weeks, your pregnancy is slowly coming to an end. Your delivery is coming closer… It is advised to have all the necessary  supplies at home for the delivery from now on, but also to prepare a bag with supplies for the delivery if you have to go to the hospital. Even if you want to give birth at home, have a bag ready in case you need to go to the hospital. But what do you put in a bag for the hospital?
  • Comfortable clothes to give birth in
  • Clean clothes for after childbirth (also for partner)
  • Toiletries (don’t forget hair tie and lip balm)
  • Slippers
  • Clothes, hat, warm wrap or blanket for the baby
  • Camera
  • Phone charger
  • Folder from the midwife
  • Maternity guide from the kraamzorg organization
  • Child seat for in the car
  • 2 euro coin for the wheelchair
  • Debit card for hospital parking garage
  • Identification

How do I prepare for my delivery?

Childbirth is not something to be taken lightly. In fact, giving birth is very exciting. Especially if it is your first child. But of course you also never really know how it will go with a second or next child. When will it start? How will you react to the contractions? Every birth is different and every woman experiences it in her own way. No one can tell you how you will feel when your baby is born. You cannot learn how to give birth and every woman experiences this in a different way. Maybe you’re really looking up to it or you are looking forward to it. That’s different for everyone. However, good preparation can help with this. How to prepare for the delivery:
  • Get sufficient rest. When you are rested and fit it makes you stronger whilst giving birth.
  • Read information about giving birth
  • Preparing for your delivery Birthing positions, which delivery position is right for you? How do you deal with pain?
  • Information evening at Eva van Hoorn: Every two weeks, Eva van Hoorn’s midwives organize an information evening about childbirth. You are very welcome to come here with your partner. The information evenings are free and you can register via the website of the GGD Hollands Noorden.
  • Pregnancy course: there are many different courses on pregnancy and childbirth offered in the region. Look around to see what fits you!
  • Conversations with your midwife: we like to talk about the delivery with you during your pregnancy. What are your wishes, do you dread something, do you have a birth plan, when do you call us, what do you expect from us? If you are afraid of giving birth, please discuss this with us. That is precisely where good preparation is extra important. We would like to guide you personally and professionally and listen to your wishes during this special moment!
  • Birth plan: Sometimes it can be nice to put your wishes and thoughts about the delivery and birth on paper in advance. We will then discuss everything you put in this birth plan with you. During the delivery we try to take into account all your wishes as much as possible. If things go differently, we will discuss this with you (and/or your partner) so that we can make the right choice at that time. It is certainly not mandatory to make a birth plan, maybe this does not suit you, this is also fine!

Giving birth in bath?

Giving birth in water has many benefits. We have a lot of experience in supervising childbirth in the bath at home and in the hospital. We have a number of birthing pools available that you could possibly rent. If you are interested in this, you can discuss this with your midwife.