With a lot
of passion and
we can visualize your baby

More than welcome from the very start…

Ultrasound centre Eva van Hoorn is a household name in Hoorn and its surroundings.

We do almost all the ultrasound examinations for the entire region. Even if you are under obstetric care at another practice, or partly under gynecologist care at Dijklander Hospital.

We are a close team of 5 ultrasound technicians, with many years of experience in ultrasounds, but also in midwifery.

You are welcome with us for all your ultrasound examinations during your pregnancy. For a sex determination ultrasound or a 3D/4D ultrasound you are also in the right place with us.

All your medical ultrasounds will be reimbursed from the basic insurance. An ultrasound at your own request costs €50, which can be paid in cash or card at our centre.