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Who are we

Two teams

Since 2007 Eva van Hoorn is the midwife practice in Hoorn to be. Eva van Hoorn was created out of two midwife practices: ‘De Koepoortsweg’ and ‘De Drieboomlaan’.

From these practices, two teams formed: team red and team blue. Through the years many wonderful colleagues have joined us and the teams have changed a bit. Both teams have the same amount of midwives, so we can really get to know you during your pregnancy and you know who you are going to see. Both teams share the same views on pregnancy and birth, and we work in the same area. We assign the registrations in the order they come in. 

If you are already familiar in our practice, you will be assigned to the same team, but you can also choose to go to the other team if that has your preference! But if you have not yet known as a client within our practice, you can also voice your preference and we will then check to see if that team has a place. 

Next to our two midwife teams, we also have a team of assistants, ultrasound technicians and kraamverzorgenden.