Since 2007 Eva van Hoorn is the leading midwife practice in Hoorn and the surrounding area. Eva van Hoorn was a merger of two midwifery practices: ‘De Koepoortsweg’ and ‘De Drieboomlaan’. Our practice has over 30 years of experience and is therefore the place to be for experienced and reliable care.

Work region

Eva van Hoorn provides care in the region of Hoorn. This includes: Hoorn, Zwaag, Blokker, Oosterblokker, Berkhout, Scharwoude, Nibbixwoud, Wognum, Zwaagdijk-West and Schellinkhout. If you are not sure whether you are located to this area, do not hestitate to call us.

do we

You will get assigned to your own team of midwives and ultrasound technicians. This way we can provide personalised care. Everybody experiences pregnancy and childbirth in their own way. We therefore think it is important to get to know you better during this period, so that our guidance fits your wishes as best as possible. At Eva van Hoorn you can have all your ultrasounds that are necessary for your pregnancy. You can also contact your ultrasound technician if you want an extra ultrasound or if you are in need for an extra medical ultrasound. Your midwife at Eva van Hoorn will guide you through your delivery at your home or in the Dijklander Hospital if you choose to. We try to take your wishes into account as much as possible. Due to our close cooperation with Dijklander Hospital we strive to provide a smooth transition of care if this is needed due to medical reasons during your pregnancy, delivery or in the maternity period. After you have given birth, we will guide you through this first period with our personalised kraamzorg. We work with our own team of experienced and enthusiastic kraamverzorgenden who are in close contact with our midwives. Because we have all the maternity care under one roof, we can deliver more personalised care, making this period extra special for you. Feel welcome at Eva van Hoorn, we are looking forward to meeting you! Curious to meet our midwives, ultrasound technicians and kraamverzorgenden?


At our beautiful practice on the Maelsonstraat 9 in Hoorn, we offer all the maternity care under one roof. This is where you come for pregnancy checkups, your ultrasounds during pregnancy and where you can register for our kraamzorg. When you call our practice, the assistant will be the first to speak to you. She makes your appointments for the ultrasounds and the pregnancy checkups. When you call and want to speak to the midwife, the assistant will ask about the reason of your call. She has been trained for this purpose, has a lot of experience in doing so, and she does this to make the best possible assessment of the nature and urgency of your condition and symptoms. She can answer many questions herself, including providing the results from your blood test. From this location we also work with the clinical obstetricians from Dijklander Hospital. By working together from one location, we can easily consult each other when needed, making sure we can provide accurate guidance for you. We also have a great collaboration with a dietician, lactation consultant and a women’s coach/psychologist at our practice if this is needed. When visiting our practice you can park for free in the parking lot opposite our practice, the one closest to the traffic lights.


We hope that you experience the care and contact with us as pleasant during your pregnancy, delivery and maternity period. If something does not go according to plan we would like to hear from you so we can learn from this. If you find it difficult to start a conversation with us, you can also send an email to  klacht@evavanhoorn.nl. If you get the feeling that you can’t work it out together, we would like to refer you to the following website: www.klachtverloskunde.nl. We are affiliated with an independent complaints officer of the Centraal Bureau Klachtenmanagement in de Zorg (Central Bureau for Complaint Management in Healthcare). Their complaints officer is a professional and will gladly help you with support and advice. The complaints officer can also mediate in finding a solution.
As an organisation we think it is important to give students the opportunity to follow an internship with us. They accompany our midwives during consultation hours and attend deliveries and maternity visits. If you have any objections to this, please let us know.