What does a kraamverzorgende do?​

Kraamzorg is a postnatal care that is unique to the Netherlands. A professional maternity assistant guides you through the first week after you have given birth. A kraamverzorgende is a professional health care giver who is specialised in maternity care. With her help you can recover from your delivery and she teaches you everything you need to know surrounding the care of your newborn. 

If you have given birth at home or in the hospital without a medical indication the kraamverzorgende will be present at your delivery. She assists the midwife during this process. If you need to give birth in the hospital due to a medical indication, the kraamverzorgende will come to your home when you and your baby can go back home. 

What does a kraamverzorger do in a day?

The kraamverzorgende is there to give you and your family the best possible start. The kraamverzorgende comes to your home in the morning at a time that you have agreed upon. She will review the night with you and make breakfast for you. During the day the kraamverzorgende is busy with the following tasks: